Our Lab

BIK has a LEAN-laboratory for the development of supplier and industrial processes

Our increasingly globalized world poses new challenges to industrial production and, as a result, to workers as well. Industrial efficiency continues to grow dramatically, due not only to technological and technical improvements, but also to efforts to optimize the production system. The goal of the LEAN-laboratory at BIK is to provide students of economics with all the skills, attitudes and specific knowledge needed to apply the tools of the production system and improve business processes. With the help of advanced teaching methods, educational materials and a well equipped laboratory, we want to connect the technical and the economic approaches for a state-of-the-art, university-level theoretical and practical education in LEAN production. By modelling real industrial activities, the laboratory enables the interactive acquisition of theoretical knowledge as well as familiarization with practical processes, thus facilitating the integration of graduates in this field of education into LEAN production immediately upon graduation.