Future Students

The BIK offers university courses, short training programs, traineeships and academic competitions for Hungarian and international students, as well.

Elective Courses

Short Training Programs

E-Learning Programs

The BIK offers e-learning possibilities for its regular students in cooperation with the Epalatábla Foundation, details are announced during the classes.

Thesis and Dissertations

The staff of the BIK accepts students (in limited numbers) for thesis-supervision on their research topics:

  • Supplier and industrial development processes

  • The role of innovation in mitigating the effects of crises

  • A paradigm shift in long-term cooperation between multinational companies (operating in Hungary) and the Hungarian State

  • The prominent role of the automotive industry in the structure of the domestic economy - a blessing or a curse?

  • SME development in Hungary and the EU in the 2020s

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