About Us

 The Research Centre for Supplier and Industrial Development (Beszállítói és Ipari Kutatóközpont - BIK) searches for the state-of-the-art, forward-looking and relevant responses to the academic and practical challenges of the 21 st century’s R + D + I intensive industries in Hungary.
The mission of the BIK is to make future students (economists, engineers, designers, etc.), who are eager to know more about or to work for the industrial branch, be equipped with the knowledge and the way of thinking that meets the expectations of the private sector.

This “equipment” aims to contribute to the integration and adjustment process at the companies, to enhance employee (herein beginners’) productivity and efficiency, to launch a smooth evolution and advancement in complex industrial challenges, and nonetheless, to ground an affective organisational commitment.

The key tasks of the BIK include conducting researches to support the efficient and (economically, socially and environmentally) sustainable development of industries that account for a significant proportion of the Hungarian industrial production, such as the automotive, logistics and pharmaceutical industries.

Furthermore, we continuously include these results in our education programs, and publish these information in academic journals, and as part of our outreach activities, in newspapers and educational periodicals to inform the wider public.